Industry Open House

Next event: January 19, 2023

(More information coming soon!)



The Industry Open House was initiated to link Civil Engineering firms with The Civil Engineering Department at Queen's for several reasons:

To expose our students to the broad variety of possible careers in the field, enabling them to make suitable career choices

To reinforce the relationship that must exist between industry and academia in order to achieve a relevant academic program and keep it current

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! For our students


The annual Industry Open House began the year after the Job Network was initiated. It seemed like a natural flow from one to the other. Companies asked questions about the program. They wanted to be able to have more contact with students, and many wanted to help by providing projects, acting as advisors to the academic program, or giving lectures or short courses. The Open House provides these company representatives with an opportunity to visit the department for a day, meet with faculty and students and have time to discuss any involvement they may wish to initiate for example, using the Job Network, making a presentation at the Engineering Forum or providing a project for the fourth year design course.