Seyed Masoud Kamali

Seyed Masoud Kamali, PhD Student


Hometown: Karaj, Iran


Tabriz University PhD Biosystem Engineering

Tabriz University MSc Agricultural Mechanization (Biosystem Dep) (2006)

Ardebil University MA Farm Machinery Engineering (2001)

Research Area: Anaerobic Digestion process of OFMSW and methods which could improve biogas yield.


M.S. Alaeipour, M. Mafi, M. Khanaki, M. Kamali (2018) Developing of biogas-photovoltaic hybrid systems to meet the heat and electricity needs of villages located in cold climate. Third national conference on air conditioning & heat and electricity needs of villages located in cold climate.

M. Kamali, M. Rasapoor, R. Abdi(2016) Energy use pattern and application a mathematical model to survey energy requirement for wheat production. Biological Forum_ An international journal. 8(1) 001-007

M. Rasapoor, T. Nasrabadi, M. Kamali, H. Hoveidi(2009) The effects of aeration rate on generated compost quality, using aerated static pile method. Waste management journal. 29 570_573

M. Rasapoor, R. Madani, M. Kamali, S. Abbasi(2007) Comparison of composting process and the quality of the compost produced by three methods; active aerated, passive and windrow composting. 145-155

M. Abdoli, M. Rasapoor, M. Kamali. Composting science and technology (Engineering principals). Tehran University publication (2008)