Leonardo Busi


Leonardo Busi

Email: l.busi@studenti.unibs.it

HometownBrescia, Italy

Education: B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, University of Brescia, Italy (2015)

Research Area: Life Cycle Assessment of biofuel production


Collotta, M, P. Champagne, F. Romagnoli, G. Tomasoni, W. Mabee, M. Alberti and L. Busi (2017) Comparative LCA of Two Alternative Technologies for Lipid Extraction in Biodiesel from Microalgae Production. Energy Procedia (Accepted November 11 2016) (IF = 0.786) 

Collotta, M., P. Champagne, W. Mabee, G. Tomasoni, G. Leite, L. Busi, and M. Alberti (2017) Comparative LCA of Flocculation for the Harvesting of Microalgae for Biofuels Production Procedia CIPR (Accepted November 2 2016; PROCIR-D-16-00777R1)

Collotta, M., L. Busi P. Champagne*, W. Mabee, G. Tomasoni and M. Alberti (2016) Biodiesel From Microalgae Production: Different Approaches from Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Studies Biofuel, Bioproducts and Biorefining 10:883-895 (Online publication September 26 2016) (IF = 4.416) 

Collotta, M., P. Champagne, W. Mabee, G. Tomasoni, M. Alberti, L. Busi, and G. B. Leite (2016) Environmental Assessment of Co-location Alternatives for a Microalgae Cultivation Plant: A Case Study in the City of Kingston (Canada). Energy Procedia 95C:29-36 (IF = 0.786)