Why Queen's CIVL?

The Queen’s graduate programs in Civil Engineering are home to some of the finest minds in the fields of civil and environmental engineering. Students have the chance to study engineering in an environment where multidisciplinary research and activities are encouraged and facilitated.

Research activity in the Department is generally classified under four research areas: Environmental, Hydrotechnical, Geotechnical, and Structural Engineering.


Our international, multidisciplinary Department offers many opportunities to collaborate with other departments at Queen’s, and outside of Queen’s with university centres and international consortia. Travel opportunities are available based on research needs.

Career paths – employment opportunities

  • Consulting
  • Academia and Research
  • Public sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Policy and Governance
  • Civil engineering in the public domain
  • Law
"I completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s in 2005, and soon thereafter, it became clear that Queen’s still had much more to offer me. Over the next several years I completed both a Master's of Applied Science and Doctorate of Philosophy in Civil Engineering at Queen's.  When I first began my graduate studies in Civil, I was surprised at the subtle, yet significant differences between the undergraduate and graduate programs. As a graduate student, I found a whole new integrated community that previously I had been unaware of, and felt as if I was discovering Queen’s and Kingston again for the first time. Today, my career path is the direct result of my graduate studies and I am extremely grateful for the exceptional education, research, and friendships I experienced during my time at Queen's.  Ever since I began my graduate studies, I have actively encouraged students to continue to study beyond the four-year undergraduate degree and will continue to do so, hoping that they too will profit from the same wonderful experience that I had."
Ryley Beddoe, M.Sc. (2009), PhD (2014)


For information on applying for Graduate Studies - visit the School of Graduate Studies Website.

Program Contact in Civil Engineering

Debbie Ritchie
Graduate Assistant
Phone: 613.533.6000 ext. 79359
E-mail: Debbie.Ritchie@queensu.ca