Graduate Program

The graduate program and research goals of the Department of Civil Engineering are consistent with the mission of both Queen's University and the civil engineering profession. These goals, which reflect the educational, professional and research needs of society and the environment are as follows:

  • to attract and educate students at the graduate level who, upon completion of their studies, will possess an advanced understanding of the state-of-the-art and state-of-practice within selected areas of the natural environment and infrastructure and will have the potential to be among the nation's best and whose excellence will be respected by the international community.

  • to advance the state-of-the-art and the state-of-practice through a combination of internationally recognized research in specific areas and nationally respected service to the profession, to government and industry, and to society in general.

Programs of Study

Applicants are accepted into a Masters (M.Eng or MASc) or Doctoral Program (PhD) under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies providing they also satisfy the requirements of the Department. Normally, the minimum Departmental requirements are a four-year Bachelor's degree with a standing in the mid B range (70% graduating average or a ranking in the top third of the graduating class where number grades are not available). Applicants with a Bachelors degree in a cognate science may be admitted, at the discretion of the department.

All research students must successfully complete CIVL 801 a non-credit course in laboratory safety, at the first opportunity after their initial registration.

Master's Degrees

M.Eng Program: The requirements for this program are 8 term length courses, of which one may be a term length project course. At least 4 term length courses must be taken from the department in which the student is registered and be entered as primary on the registration form. A maximum of 2 term length 400 series courses may be taken.

The deadline for a complete application to be considered for the M.Eng program is March 1st of each year without exception. Admission to the M.Eng. program is restricted to September ONLY of each academic year, and the Department reserves the right to limit the number of new M.Eng. students accepted each year.

M.A.Sc Program: The minimum requirements for completion are four term courses, research and a thesis. The four term courses must conform to the FEAS Graduate Council requirements, that is, four term length graduate courses or their equivalent. The Council will accept one senior (400 series) under-graduate course as equivalent to a graduate course provided that the course is in a discipline i) Other than that in which the student obtained his or her Bachelor's degree and ii) Other than that in which the student is registered for the Master's program.

Doctor Of Philosophy

The minimum FEAS Graduate Council requirements for the program are four term courses beyond the master's degree, research and a thesis. These oral examinations are generally taken at the first scheduled occurrence after the candidate has completed one term in the Ph.D. program and are intended to examine the candidate's general background preparation and specialized preparation in his/her research area. Details of these comprehensive examinations are available upon request from the Graduate Assistant in the Department.

Financial Support

Qualified students in a research degree program can expect to receive competitive financial support during their graduate tenure, as long as they maintain acceptable academic standing. Departmental funding sources may include research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and Queen's Graduate Assistantship awards. First class students are automatically considered for entrance into competition for Queen's Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships, and these students are also encouraged to enter significant provincial (OGS, Ontario Graduate Scholarship) and national (NSERC) scholarship competitions, if eligible. Prospective students currently in undergraduate programs, who are considering entering graduate studies in the Department, are strongly encouraged to apply to OGS and NSERC, if they are qualified and eligible.

Please note the above funding information refers to research students only (MASc & PhD).

Students in M.Eng program receive no funding support of any kind from the Department. eg TA, RA, Internal Scholarships

Academic Excellence Award (AEA) information


Interested applicants, please see Application Procedures