Civil Engineering

Safety Manual

Table of Contents
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1. Health and Safety Management at  Queen's

1.1 Policy Statement on Health & Safety

1.2 Policy Statement on Environmental Management

1.3 Occupational Health and  Safety Act

1.4 Safety Officer Duties  and Responsibilities

1.5 Department Head Duties  and Responsibilities

1.6 Safety Officers Listing


2. General  Laboratory Safety

2.1 General Guidelines

2.2 Student/Worker Safety  Orientation Checklist

2.3 Release of Liability for  Visitors and Volunteers

2.4 Working Alone

2.5 Safety Rules within the  Department of Civil Engineering

2.6 Off-Campus Activity  Safety Policy

2.7 Crane and Hoist Training

2.7.1 Guidelines on the operation of Cranes and Hoists

2.7.2 Operating Instructions for 1-Ton Portable Crane

2.7.3 Operating Instructions for 3-Ton Overhead Crane

2.7.4 Operating Instructions for 2-Ton Chainfall

2.7.5 Operating Instructions for 2-Ton Jib Crane

2.7.6 Operating Instructions for 300-lb Electric Roller Chain Hoist

2.7.7 Operating Instructions for 750-lb Pedalift Table

2.8 Reporting of Accidents

2.9 Environmental Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

3. Safety Equipment and Emergency Procedures

3.1 Fumehoods
3.2 Local Ventilation
3.3 Personal Protective Equipment

  • Eye and face protection
  • Clothing
  • Gloves
  • Respirators 

3.4 Emergency Equipment

  • Eyewash Fountains and Showers
  • Fire Extinguishers

3.5 Emergency Procedures

  • Medical Emergency
  • Fire Emergency
  • Chemical Spills

4. Safe Laboratory Procedures and Techniques

4.1 Glassware
4.2 Electrical Equipment
4.3 Static Electricity and Spark Hazards
4.4 UV Lamps
4.5 Lasers
4.6 X-Ray Generators
4.7 Magnetic Fields
4.8 Radioactive Material
4.9 Compressed Gases
4.10 Cryogenics and Cold Traps
4.11 Reduced Pressure Operations and Vacuum Pumps
4.12 Distillation and Reflux Operations

5. General Chemical Hazards

5.1 Corrosivity
5.2 Flammability
5.3 Noxious Chemicals
5.4 Reactive Chemicals

  • Air/Water Reactive
  • Self-Reactice
  • Lachrymators
  • Incompatible Chemicals

5.5 Toxicity
5.6 Designated Substances

6. Waste Disposal

7. Equipment Disposal

8. Inspections

9. Undergraduate Laboratories - Safety Rules

Appendix I- Safety Inspection Checklist

Appendix II- Incompatible Chemicals

Appendix III- WHMIS Annual Refresher Quiz

Appendix IV- WHMIS Symbols

Form I- Student Worker Orientation Checklist.

Form II- Crane and Hoist Operating Procedures and Operator Sign-off Form.

Form III- Liability Release Form.