Civil Engineering

Appendix I

Procedure for Monthly Inspection of Safety Equipment

  • You should have a building floor plan and know where the safety equipment (fire extinguishers, EXIT lights, First Aid boxes, eyewash stations, deluge showers) is located.
  • Check to see if they are in place.
  • Check fire extinguisher nozzles are unobstructed, ensure safety pins are in place and the sealing tie-wire is not broken (a broken tie-wire signals a possible discharge has occurred).
  • Check EXIT lights are illuminated. Call FIXIT to report any lights burnt out.
  • Check First Aid boxes are adequately stocked.
  • Operate eyewash stations for 30 seconds to ensure they are adequately flushed and that they have sufficient pressure.
  • Operate deluge showers with appropriate assistance to ensure sufficient pressure. (This procedure is under review by EHS) If testing is attempted then PPS should be notified and be on hand for emergency shut-down of water supply.
  • Date and initial the tags on each piece of safety equipment if it functions properly and replace used tags as required. Date and make any remarks in the 'Monthly Building Inspection' binder.
  • Report any deficiencies to the Safety Officer or to the Environmental Health and Safety Department (533-2999).

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